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Mana Kirishima is a female character of 'Girlfriend of Steel' and 'Shinji Ikari Raising Project', both of them are video games based on Neon Genesis Evangelion. In spite of the fact she doesn't appear in the anime series, she has been in great vogue for a long time.

This site is an archive of fan fiction (manga cartoons and novels [Japanese]) about her.

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Visual Novel

Originally, Girlfriend of Steel (also called 'Iron Maiden' in the English-speaking world) was released in 1997 by GAINAX, and was reissued in 2006 as a special edition with some additional scenes, and it just goes to show how popular this game in Japan. Especially, a character sketch of Mana is in favor among the EVA fans. She is very beautiful, kindhearted, and has a secret.

However, some people say that Girlfriend of Steel is not so fun. I'm very fond of this game, but if I were to venture an opinion, I would say that the weak point is lack of interactiveness. It's paradoxical, this is a good point, too. You can be involved in the story, because this game doesn't disturb you to put a fire of questions. To be exact, this product is sort of like a visual novel.

On the other hand, Shinji Ikari Raising Project is a relatively complex simulation. But Mana appears as a mere supporting actress in the game.


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Here's a forum about Girlfriend of Steel and the other EVA games (designed in Japanese, but you can post in English). If you are learned in Japanese language, please see also fan fiction.

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