Mana Kirishima


Dreary St. Valentine's Day

Mana: Well, you can keep this if you want.

Kozo: (I feel familiar with her voice... Ah-hah, it's Yui's voice.)

Kozo: Thank you.

Mana: You're welcome.

Kozo: (It's mysterious... She reminds me of Yui, a girl who I fell in love with in the old days.)

Mana: Good-bye, grandpa!

Kozo: Did she call me grandpa!?

Miss. Hayashibara played Yui Ikari, Shinji's deceased mother, too. What an overwork! She is one of the most famous seiyu. Of cource, Mana isn't kindred to Kozo, though she call him grandpa. Incidentally, in Japan, women give men a present on the St. Valentine's day. (02.13.2008)

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